“I had to rest after walking for 10 minutes because of knee pain. After Stem cell with PRP treatments from Dr. Banionis, I can walk and shop for 3 hours with little or no knee pain only two weeks after my procedure”.  
– Jean, West Palm Beach.

” I used to have knee pain after walking less than 5 minutes and had to sit down. After my Stem cell with PRP treatment from Dr. Banionis, I walk my dogs at least 20 minutes every day with no pain”.
– Michael, Wellington

“My hip used to bother me when I stood for a few minutes. After a PRP treatment with Dr. Banionis, I don’t even notice my hip pain any more”.
– Mary, Royal Palm Beach

” My carpal tunnel is so much better after PRP. Hopefully I won’t ever need surgery.”
– John, Wellington

“I had shoulder pain every day. After PRP, I am back to playing tennis and enjoying life once again.”
– Elliot, Boyton Beach